Accomplishments Minus The Effort

This morning I just casually stepped on the scale expecting to see the same old super high very annoying number. To my surprise I saw a number that was 3 pounds lighter. I was more than surprised to see that I managed to loose 3 pounds without trying. I haven’t been very hungry lately which is weird because I am ALWAYS hungry. I guess working 4-10 hours a day is helping to keep me busy and out of the food. I also noticed that when I’m at work I try to take the stairs everywhere. I work at a hospital and have to run up and down to five different floors so I try my best to utilize the stairs and get in my extra cardio. I guess hard work and determination does pay off. 

Spice It Up Sunday…Even Though It’s Monday

Spice It Up Sunday...Even Though It's Monday

This just looks so refreshing….BBQ Tofu Bowl with Beans and Kale.

I have trying to cut back on my meat consumption only because I always feel so uncomfortable after having a large meat meal. This is a great recipe because it incorporates the taste of a good BBQ with the vegetarian aspect.

Click photo for recipe and directions.

Swapping unhealthy ingredients: How to make better choices

Good information.

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GoodChoiceBadChoiceSignHealthy choices are not always easy but here are some great starting points you can try today:

  • Butter or margarine: Avoid using oil, butter or margarine for cooking.You can use spray oil or a non-stick frying pan which doesn’t need oil for cooking.
  • Sugar: Refined sugar has no nutritional value, why not replace it with honey, brown or raw sugar?
  • Salt: reduce the salt content in your cooking a little at a time. If you miss the salt, first try pepper, lemon, vinegar or some other taste-giver and see if it works for you.
  • Soy sauce: Soy sauce contains lot of sodium. Opt for soy sauce with less sodium content. Likewise, most packaged food or canned food contains sodium, it is best to prepare things from scratch.
  • Meat: If meat is the main ingredient of a dish, complement it with three times the amount of…

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